Community Awards

Union City Indiana Awards

Union City Indiana is a 2016 Stellar Communities Finalist!

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Union City Indiana has been designated a “Green Community” by the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns

The Indiana Bicentennial Committee has awarded Union City a designation as a Green and Sustainable Community.


Awards for Union City, Ohio Residents:

The Union City Ohio Government recognizes members of the community for acts of kindness, for beautifying the community, and for serving their community throughout the year. Thus, Union City, Ohio encourages its residents to recognize one another by nominating their fellow community member for either the Award of Neighborhood Kindness, a Citation of Community Pride, or for the annual senior citizen of the year award.

Award of Neighborhood Kindness This award is presented to either an individual or an organization that demonstrates an act of kindness. Previous award have been provided to individuals who mowed their neighbor’s grass, when they were ill or for bringing a Village employee a cold can of soda on a hot day. Please complete a uco_neighborhood_kindness_award_nomination_form.pdf and have it delivered to the Village Municipal Building.
Citation of Community Pride This award is presented to a tenant or property owner that beautifies either their home or their yard in a way that has a positive impact upon the community. Previous awards have been given to home owners that painted their homes, installed decorative landscaping, or for just simply taking pride in the appearance of their home day after day. Please complete auco_citation_of_community_pride_nomination_form.pdf  and have it delivered to the Village Municipal Building.
Senior Citizen of the Year Award This award is awarded to one nominee each year. The Mayor selects the winning nominee based upon their contributions to the community. Previous Award Winners are Ila Greene, John Grimes, and Chad & Geraldine Wade. Please complete auco_senior_citizen_of_the_year_nomination_form.pdf and have it delivered to the Village Municipal Building.

2006 Awards from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation

The Village of Union City Ohio was recognized in 2006 as the best local government group within the Darke County Safety Council for our safety program efforts in reducing work related injuries and illnesses.

The Village was also recognized for going the entire calendar year of 2006 with 100% prevention of loss-time work related injuries. A loss-time work related injury is any work-related injury an employee suffers that forces the employee to miss work for 8-days or more.

The Village of Union City was recognized in 2006 for our improvement in our employee safety programs resulting in our employee injury claims reducing in both the severity and the frequency of our claims.

Tree City U.S.A.

Union City Is Nationally Recognized as a Tree City USA city. Union City qualified for this prestigious distinction in 2004 and each year thereafter. There is an annual renewal application that istreecity1_0 submitted and each year Union City sends delegates to an annual regional ceremony, where the community is recognized for our proactive urban forestry efforts.

Healthy urban forests reflect a community pride. This goes a long way in promoting a healthy and complete community. Pride and positive publicity from the Tree City USA program spins off in all directions. Union City’s commitment to the Tree City USA program also can lead to future financial assistance for local tree projects from various sources.

There are four standards a community must comply with to be Tree City USA qualified:

  • Your city must have a Tree Board or Forestry Department . This only means that if your city can’t afford a department for tree care and management, you can create a board of volunteers. This is the only way to go in smaller communities.
  • Your city must have a local tree ordinance. Every community should have an annual work and action plan. This tree ordinance helps define the action plan. It will provide clear guidance for planting, maintaining and removing trees from streets, parks and other public places.
  • Your city must spend $2 per capita. In most cases this amount, and probably much more, is being spent by city work crews. If not, you may need the Tree City USA program more than you know.

Your city must promote Arbor Day. This may be the easiest of the four standards. Proclaim Arbor Day  in your city and plant a few trees.